she smiles and keeps it all to herself

I am a girl who posts NSFW of lovely sexy ladies just because women are pretty as hell ! I also love to death alll CATS.
Feel free to ask me anything your guilty soul is willing for
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Horrible day, lovely ending

What a lovely day I had today ! Apparently I was booked for today to work at Wembley Stadium, to get there from my house I need to spend one and a half hours on a train…For the start, I broke my nail and as I have a Gelish nail polish it was bloody painful..seriously..after that I needed to catch my train…which… I missed.. because this machine didn’t want to accept my card and I desperately needed to top up my Oysta. In my mind I was repeating to myself that that’s not a big deal, I am still on time, nothing worse can happen, sat down, got myself a cigarette and waited for the next train. So I had my changing shoes in a separate bag as my other bag was too small, and guess what..I left my shoes at the station :) In my head I was still trying to calm myself down. I got to the Wembley Stadium Station, all sweaty, I bet I also looked really angry, got into the checking place, all apologetic about my shoes and blabla..and..they said that we are sorry, but you can’t work today then :) At that moment I wanted to explode and cry. But well, I pulled out another cigarette, made a move toward rail station, had a nice walk to the centre, I felt that I need to do some shopping for my self to cheer me up and I decided to buy myself some lovely candles and a vibrator :)

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